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Sonia Salama, M.A., bilingual speech and language pathologist, is responsible for the first contact with the family. She performs the adequate screening, individual testing and thorough evaluation. Once the problem has been identified, our best practices are provided to put the child on “the right track” again. A comprehensive therapeutic planning is then carefully designed. Necessary connections between child-school-family are also provided, with constant orientation.

We are a group of highly qualified speech-language pathologists who serve children and adolescents with a variety of communication needs. We are trained in second language acquisition, linguistic and cultural diversity and methodology of assessing and servicing children with unique language backgrounds. 

Our practice focuses on: 

  • Speech (apraxia motor planning problems) 

  • Voice 

  • Articulation disorders 

  • Tongue-thrust 

  • Fluency disorders (stuttering) 

  • Learning disabilities 

  • Language processing disorders 

  • Auditory processing disorders 

  • Cognitive-communication constraints in the linguistic area 

  • Delays in language acquisition 

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