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Since childhood, Sonia Salama has been exposed to three different languages: Portuguese, English and German. She soon developed an interest in understanding – and later, studying – the influence of social and psychological factors in the acquisition of language by children. In particular, Sonia specialized in the treatment of those children raised in multicultural environments.

The Clinica Potencial was founded in 1989. It has been the result of 30 years of expertise in the area. It started as a small group of imaginative professionals engaged in the prevention and treatment of speech, hearing and language disorders in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.

At Clínica Potencial, our goal is to provide treatment and prevention services of high quality, with a goal to maximizing results on patients while minimizing the time of the treatment. Each patient receives treatment that is tailored to respond to his/her specific needs. Each patient is unique, and therefore treatment is tailored to attend each specific need of each single patient.

At Clínica Potencial we have:

  • An unique audio-linguistic program (PALD)

  • Evaluation forms for bilingual children in English /Portuguese 

  • Screening forms for auditory functions in children 

  • Specific language processing program

  • A language-pragmatic stimulation program for families with different needs. 

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